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Amazon Art Finds

Sharing with you some of my fav Art product you can find on Amazon >>

First - you need a good a Glass Palette.

This palette allows you to easily clean after painting with Oil colors and Acrylics, mixing colors on a clear and smooth surface.

link here >

For the working moms or painters on-the-go THIS is for you.

You know the feeling of spending a lot of time mixing colors and then leaving the desk because the baby is crying, the child called from school, or you have a meeting? Do you have little time to paint and prefer to give up because it's a waste of colors? No more. This palette helps keep the colors fresh for a long time; you can take it with you or close it and return it later. The purchase consists of two parts: the pallet and a box that also includes an acrylic painting pad. See links here >

And, of course - the Razor Blade Scraper Tool

That you can find in any hard wear store. Here my fav >

I will add more recommendations soon...

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