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Gucci Sneaker Illustration

Updated: Apr 21, 2018

#GucciAce sneaker from #GucciCruise18 | #DigitalPainting | Ipad Pro

illustration of ‏GucciAce sneaker from GucciCruise18 by Natalie Shaul

Why Gucci sneaker?

Why not.

This season ( #GucciSS18) @Gucci chooses to publish series of digital paintings (#guccihallucination) created by the very talented @ignasi. In this era, artists design covers for the most important magazines, illustrate for billboard ads and full catalogs. I would say it a legitimate job don't you think mom and dad? Put aside the old fashion kinda way, the tech we have today takes it to an all another level. Faster, well equipped and imitates classic painting forms without the materials waste and with the ability to edit.

So how I created this simple video?

#Timelapse digital painting video.

Often I get asked about my fav apps on iPad-Pro. There so many I can't choose only one, but this video was made with #sketchbook app, a built-in feature especially for this purpose. After gathering all the data, videos and pictures from the painting progress, I used #Adobepremiere for the editing part.

You can start with iMovie / Moviemaker if you are not familiar with the Adobe family, but do yourself a fav and get to know them. You won't be sorry. A lot of tutorials out there will help you learn the basics, add and animate text, add music on, and create stunning video that showcases your artwork.

It's your turn now. Get to work :)

*Click here to learn more about - Sketchbook app

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